This is Stockholm Trekkers

Stockholm Trekkers is an unofficial non-profit Star Trek association founded on February 20, 1997.

Each year, we organise eight Trek Days at Skarpnäcks kulturhus in Stockholm, where our members can watch Star Trek together with others who share the same interest. Each Trek Day has its own theme. During the Trek Day, we show a selection of episodes related to the theme, taken from all the different Star Trek shows. Sometimes movies and other science fiction shows are also included.

We are a meeting place for everyone who loves Star Trek, dedicated to ensuring that both our members and the love for Star Trek will live long and prosper.

Since we are located in Sweden, the rest of the site is in Swedish, but anyone who loves Star Trek is welcome to become a member and attend Trek Days. Please reach out to us if you have any questions!

Welcome to Stockholm Trekkers!